Computerized Visual Field Testing

What is an Automated or Computerized Visual Field Test?

Your visual field is everything that you see. An Automated Visual Field test evaluates your vision straight ahead (central) as well as your vision to the side (peripheral). An Automated Visual Field Test is also referred to as "Perimetry." This test is important in the diagnosis of many eye disorders, especially glaucoma. Glaucoma is an eye disease usually associated with increased pressure within the eye that can cause a slow, painless, and permanent loss of vision.

During the Test

During this test, the doctor or our staff technician will use computerized instruments to map out your visual field. Your pupils will not be dilated and you will not feel any discomfort during this test. This test only takes approximately 3-5 minutes per eye. 

Nothing touches your eye. You will be asked to sit facing a bowl-shaped instrument. You will be asked to look straight ahead, but be aware of small lights off to your side vision.  You will be asked to respond that you have seen the lights by pushing a button in your hand.  During this test, one eye can be patched while the other eye is being tested. The test is carried out at a comfortable rate of speed and can be adjusted as necessary for your comfort. Results of the test are immediate. Our doctors will discuss the results and their meanings for you.

After the Test

You may drive home after this test as your eyes will not be dilated. The final visual field report will be placed in your medical record and remain a permanent part of your chart.